Help find classmates!

This is a partial list of the classmates for whom we need current addresses.

Sonia Corrall

Hans Sievers   Las Vegas, NV


3 Responses to Help find classmates!

  1. Shirley Beeck says:

    I found Sonia on Facebook. Actually she started writing to me on Facebook. We’ve been writing back and forth to each other and some other classmates are writing to her too. She’s in Paraguay and married. Shirley (Koss) Beeck

  2. Bill Stapel says:

    Would Claudia Benzschawel know Sonia Corral’s address? (Sonia was a foreign exchange student who stayed with the Benzschawel’s family)

  3. Gail Friedrichs Krimmel says:

    is there a current address for Nancy Grunow Turk availavle

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